The pallet track is an essential tool for material handling facilities where selecting the best shelves among those available in the market can be confusing. To help you decide, you must learn about UNEX, the experts and trusted leader in the industry. For more than 40 remarkable years, its admirable that UNEX excellent Pickologists have been manufacturing and designing carton flow solutions. They have greatly helped the operation of distribution centers become more productive, flexible, safe and profitable. This company is clearly your best choice since they would support you in achieving the same results. They provide picking solutions for maximizing space usage with their products designed to help customers keep business processes and profits flowing smoothly and one of the innovative products they manufacture is the pallet track shelving. UNEX engineers have developed pallet tracks that have rollers or some wheel rails to optimize work flow. These are high quality and durable pallet tracks that make creating dynamic storage easy for fast movers. 

UNEX pallet tracks can be used in two positions, either single position or double-deep pallet with no brakes or speed reducers. They can be customized. While competitors offer just the standard length, UNEX can make the length you desire and design the track to suit your needs, it comes from 24″ to 144″ and customizable in 1/2″ increments. They are flexible, allowing you to choose between several available standard rack and floor mounting methods. These pallet racks are built with your safety in mind. It has a rear stop that is spring-loaded which prevents the pallets from being pushed back accidentally and falling out of the rack.

There are two popular configurations for UNEX pallet tracks. One is Pallet Handling. What this kind of configuration does is it converts the static pallet positions into dynamic storage positions, which is perfect for fast-moving SKUs which are being picked straight right from the pallet. The other configuration is the Pallet Flow Track. This pallet track arrangement is built to be integrated into an existing pallet track. This design highlights a ramp stop that will keep your stored pallets from falling off or sliding out from the rack.

Specifications for the Roller Pallet Track

-It uses full- width 1.9 inch diameter that is roller-mounted on a pair of 3.5 inch high by 1.5 inch leg by 12 ga. of galvanized steel channels
-Its lengths are 24″ to 144″ which is customizable in 1/2″ increments.

Specifications for the Wheel Rail Type Pallet Track

-It uses a pattern that is inline or staggered on 1.9 inch diameter wheels
-Its capacity is 100 pounds per roller
-It is mounted in a par of 2.5 inch high by 1 inch leg by 12 ga. of galvanized steel channels
-Its lengths are 24″ to 144″ which is customizable in 1/2″ increments.